Best PHP Training Institute in Mohali

Webisolution is the best PHP Training Institute in Mohali provides the PHP training for building a golden career in PHP. As well as a brand, we are very professional at our work and we promise to provide you a professional PHP course with job placements. We have expertised PHP trainers who teach advanced PHP courses. Nowadays, to give high level functionality to a website, PHP is the most preferrable tool.

PHP/MySQL Training

PHP is one of the most popular programming language through which we can develop dynamic websites. PHP language is easy to learn and understand and is in high demand. It is easier to get job for PHP developer in the industry. We at Webisolution, a leading PHP training institute in Mohali provides training in professional way with live projects. PHP fresher only get a job if he or she got the proper training else it is very difficult to get job for PHP fresher.


Nowadays, only theoretical knowledge is not sufficient to work in the industry. Moreover, if you have completed few real live projects still it is difficult to get job in IT companies. They always asks you a common question that which projects you have worked on. So, we understand all these things and provide you the training on live projects so that you can easily answerable to your employer that these are the projects done by you.

Job Placement:

We also provides job placements to the students whoever completed their development course. If you have done your proper training then you are 100% capable of getting job after completion of your course. Webisolution assures you of job placement after successful completion of the course.

About Trainer:

We will provide you training not from faculty but from industry expert PHP developer. Our trainers has required knowledge of providing training and working in the industry as well.

Best PHP Training Institute In Mohali Course Details:


    1. What is PHP

    2. PHP History

    3. Installation and Configuration

    4. PHP basic syntax

    5. PHP date

    6. Variables

    7. String

    8. Understanding Operators

    9. If - Else

    10. Switch case

    11. PHP Arrays

    12. PHP Sorting Arrays

    13. While & Do while loops

    14. For Loops

    15. Functions

    16. PHP Forms

    17. PHP $_GET

    18. PHP $_POST


Part – 1
     1. Create database
     2. Create table
     3. Update table
     4. Delete table
     5. Select query
     6. Select query based on conditions
     7. Learning CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete)
     8. PHP Include
     9. PHP Sessions (Create Login & Register system)


    1. What is AJAX

     2. AJAX Technologies

     3. How AJAX works

     4. Browser Support with AJAX

     5. AJAX live example

     6. Understanding XML Http Request

     7. Using database in AJAX

     8. AJAX login exampl

     9. AJAX view/edit/delete example

MODULE 1: Understanding Basics Of Object-Oriented Programing In PHP

     1. What is class?

     2. What is obejct?

     3. Understanding Properties and Methods.

     4. Varible and function scope.Public, Private and Protected in methods and Properties.

     5. Magic function constructor and desctruter.

     6. Understainding Encapsulation, Polymorphism.

     7. What is parent Class and Child Class?

     8. What is extend Function and inheritance?

     9. What is function Overriding?

     10. Using Static Keyword.

     11. Using Final Keyword.

     12. Understainding Interface.

     13. What is Scope Resolution Operator?

     14. Referencing Parent Classes.

     15. What is Abstract Classes and Interface?

     16. Concept of autoloading Class.

     17. How to destroy and Objects?

     18. What is Object Serialization?

MODULE 2: Understanding Concept Of Exception Handling

    1. What is ecception handling?

     2. Using exception Handling.

     3. Handling PHP Exception with Try, Throw and Catch Blocks.

     4. Use of finally.

     5. How to create custom Exception Class?

     6. Understanding XMLHttpRequest

     7. Exception handling with multiple catch block.

     8. Throwing exception multiple times.

     9. Using default Exception.

MODULE 3: PHP/MySql Database Handling With PDO

    1. Understanding PHP Data Object.

     2. What is PDO and why use it?

     3. How to create a PDO Connection?

     4. How to switc database system?

     5. Insert data using PDO.

     6. Query and results

    7. Edit Data using PDO.

     8. Delete data using PDO.

     9. Using Prepared statements

     10. How to use named and position Placeholders?

     11. CRUD operation using prepared statements

MODULE 4: Object Oriented PHP And MySQL

   1. A Database-less Login Form

   2. PHP Best Practices

   3. Code management

   4. Code style

   5. Documentation

   6. Security

   7. Unit testing

CMS Project (Project – 1)

Admin Part

    1. Add/update/delete categories

    2. Add/update/delete articles

    3. Add/update/delete pages

    4. Implement editor

    5. Manage slider 


    1. Home Page

    2. Categories List

    3. Article List

    4. Individual Article

    5. Add Comment

    6. View Comment

    7. Latest Articles

    8. Popular Articles

Final Project (E-Commerce) Project – 2

Admin Part

     1. Create Secure Login

     2. Add/Update/Delete Categories

     3. Add/Update/Delete Products

     4. View Orders

     5. View customer details

     6. View Report

     7. View Previous orders

     8. Manage slider


     1. Home Page

     2. Categories List

     3. Products List

     4. Individual product

     5. Multiple Images

     6. Colour/Size etc

     7. Cart page

     8. Checkout Page

     9. Payment Page

     10. Payment Gateway

     11. Complete Order

Why Choose Webisolution as a Best PHP training institute in Mohali?

With great career opportunities in PHP, a number of PHP institutes have sprouted up. However, below are some reasons that why you should choose to get training from Webisolution.

      1.  Our trainer is an industry expert PHP developer not from a faculty. Our trainer has the experience of more                   than 6 years.

      2. We offers PHP course which covers PHP, Mysql, Html 5, CSS, Javascripts and Ajax

      3. Along with the theoretical knowledge we also focus on practical knowledge.

      4. You will be able to work on live projects that makes you ready for jobs.

We provide placement in best companies.