E-mail Marketing Service

E-mail marketing Service to create broadcast and track email campaigns. As well as Many new internet tools have entered the market in past time, but still appropriate email marketing tool you should not neglect in your online marketing strategy.
Hence E-mail Marketing has its own benefit that’s why businesses still opt email marketing services it is simple as that it works. As well as We offer you all in one email marketing software to create, broadcast and track your email campaigns.

Benefits of Email Marketing:-

As well as It is one of the most effective marketing tools as it not only drives direct sales for your business but also sales through other channels also. Hence Email marketing helps to take your business in remembrance of customers by increasing awareness and building a long lasting and trustworthy relationship with the audience. It allows targeting and communicating effectively with a targeted audience according to your need. As well as It gives the desired results however it has to be carried out properly.
Hence Email marketing is one of the effective ways to attract new customers and remain in touch with existing ones. As well as Our email marketing campaign includes various features like creating a suitable database according to your targeted market. Writing effective emails message to get a high response rate, and sending emails similar to one to one bases not in bulk style.
Hence We at webisolution (Email Marketing Company in Chandigarh) provide a complete database to us, clients of those companies to whom we mail and handle email marketing campaign from time to time.



E-mail marketing as its name suggests you can use it in the following ways:

For sending direct promotional emails to try and get new customers and make existing customers to buy again. As well as To send Emails designed to get customers loyalty and building a long-lasting relationship with them. Hence Placing your product or service marketing messages or advertisements in emails sent by other people.

Direct E-mail marketing is the fastest option for sales. This the fastest marketing media used to generate new business routes and increase sales. As well as Webisolution- best Email marketing company in Chandigarh offer services for product or service promotion, finding out new dealers, agents, newsletters & new product introductions. Hence We do not handle the spam emails we send one to one mail based on the data created for given product or services.


Our Email Marketing Services:-

  • Direct increase in sales leads.
  • Selling additional products or services.
  • Building long-lasting customer relationship.
  • The user gets converted to customers automatically.
  • You get immediate results after low-cost money campaigns.
  • E-mail marketing service consulting.
  • Electronic direct mailer.
  • E-mail content management.
  • Email database management.
  • All in one Email marketing software.

Features of Email Marketing Software:-

  • High-end email servers with reliable email marketing software.
  • As well as High delivering capability, able to broadcast up to millions of emails.
  • Permission-based subscriptions.
  • Hard & soft both bounce handling.
  • Tracking of opened and non-opened emails.
  • Hence Tracking of clicked and non-clicked emails.
  • Forward to friends with tracking.
  • Modify subscriber’s particular features.
  • As well as Filtered and segmented sending.
  • Personalization of user data.
  • Hence Dynamic content based user’s interest.