Magento Website Development Company in Chandigarh

Magento is the most popular ecommerce platform with open source system and makes it merchants to be more flexible with the shopping cart system. Also, merchants can have control over the look, content and functions of their online store. Magento also offers a powerful digital marketing of online shopping sites. We are the best Magento Website Development Company in Chandigarh, and gives a stunning look to the ecommerce websites in order to increase more sales and revenue.

Benefits of Using Magento

  • Easy to install and add additional plugins
  • Allows various discount vouchers and promotions during check out
  • Provides mutiple payment gateways
  • Free of charge
  • Reliability during load
  • Open source management system that offers flexible, scalable ecommerce solutions

Requirements for Magento

Before using the magento platform, system must fulfill the below requirements that is written in PHP.

  • Operating systems: Linux x86-64 (Debian, RHEL, Ubuntu, CentOS and other); Mac and Windows are not supported
  • Web Server: Apache 2.4, Nginx 1.x
  • Memory requirement: 2GB of RAM
  • Database: MySQL 5.6, MySQL 5.7
  • PHP: PHP 7.1.3, PHP 7.2.0, PHP 7.3.0
  • Required PHP extensions: bcmath, ctype, curl, dom, gd, hash, iconv, intl, mbstring, openssl, pdo_mysql, simplexml, soap, spl, xsl, zip, libxml
  • Enabled PHP OPcache
  • ‘memory_limit’ PHP configuration is recommended
  • SSL: a valid security certificate for HTTPS, PayPal and require TLS 1.2 or later; self-signed SSL certificates are not supported
  • System dependencies: bash, gzip, lsof, mysql, mysqldump, nice, php, sed, tar
  • Mail server: SMTP, Mail Transfer Agent
  • Supported technologies: Redis 3.2, 4.0, 5.0; Varnish 4.x, 5.2, 6.2; Elasticsearch 6.x (depending on Magento version); RabbitMQ 3.7.x
  • php_xdebug 2.5.x or later, mcrypt and PHPUnit 6.2.0 are highly recommended


We are the best Magento Website Development Company in Chandigarh, and we are not only revealing its benefits. This platform has some limitations as per below:


  • This platform is memory consuming
  • Magento 2 migration is time and money intensive
  • Magento e-commerce website development cost higher than other platforms
  • Platform might be slow on small or shared servers


After considering the complete scenario,if a user has a strong server with a good hosting system, Magento ecommerce website developed from best Magento Website Development Company in Chandigarh would be considered as a powerful platform and will help you in your sales and gives best returns to your investments.